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Types Of Land Malaysia

There are all types of land with different zoning in Malaysia that you may need for your purpose. Remember, land is the most valuable investment which value will keep on appreciating no matter what factors surrounds it. What you exactly need to do is to use the right channel through the most reliable agents on real estate to guide and offer advisory on virtually all areas you may be required to comply before land acquisition. We offer proper guidelines in all the types of land we have available and you will never regret buying land for your own use with us. We do have qualified and knowledgeable personnel with a long time experience that is proven and mostly relied upon. Now we can discuss quite a number of types of land we have available in Penang Island and in Kuala Lumpur the Malaysia’s capital. These are the most valuable places in Malaysia where any sort of land use will have as many returns that will surprise you every day.

We are much more confident in the types of land we are awaiting for you such as the residential & general housing land. These are lands where you can build an awesome service apartment, townhouses, Penang-super-condominiums and luxury homes. We have noted that most people especially those with families prefer residential lands where they can construct terrace houses, semi-detached houses and single family stories. Apart from residential land, we have vacant land. In these we have three categories from our clients choose from depending on their genuine intent on the land. However, for any investment, an informed decision is highly recommended and is only generated by thorough checking on the status of the land on demand and is done at the Land Registrar or Land office.


Freehold land is a type of a vacant land and has a full life ownership. This basically means, if you happen to own any of these freehold lands, you will own anything that is in that particular land for an unlimited time. In leasehold land, land ownership expires upon expiry of the lease agreement between you and the owner of the land. We do not however, advise long-term investors to go for leasehold land. This type of land is most suitable for those doing short-term development whose returns can be acquired within the shortest time possible. Basically, the value of leasehold land depreciates as the lease agreement approaches expiry.

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Land prices vary from one to another depending on very many reasons especially the purpose of the land. Though we have the most reasonable prices, we also make it clear to our clients what our lands are for. We have classified Bungalow land, Development land and agricultural land. We shall never mislead you on the purpose of the land and what it is mostly suitable for and that which is acceptable by the county council of Penang and the laws of Malaysia. Other valuable types of lands we have available are open land and seaside land. You may decide to construct a beach hotel on this land regarding that Malaysia is a tourist attraction site of most western & middle east countries. Others that interested clients are undeveloped lands and cheap lands. These are one of the most suitable lands for bringing up your land development idea. Basically, we cover all spheres of land development even though it might not have been mentioned here. We are just a call away from you. You can make enquiries from our experts at anytime of the day and make your dream come true.

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