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Penang Land For Sale Table Listing

  • All the lands are “Development Land” regardless of zoning, they are carefully filtered by us, to provide values for our buyers & developers. Cheers!
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Penang - Timur Laut District

L. Area
Price (p.s.f)
1Off Petani RoadFor Sale0.490 acresRM 7,684,560RM 360
2Bukit GambirFor Sale3.334 acresRM 58,090,800RM 400
3Jalan PinangFor Sale0.571 acresRM 12,435,000RM 500
4JelutongFor Sale2.694 acresRM 35,209,500RM 300
5Batu FerringhiFor Sale3.144 acresRM18,000,000lump sum
6Batu FerringhiFor Sale1.201 acresRM 14,648,480RM 280
7Batu FerringhiFor Sale4.233 acresRM 51,633,400RM 280
8Batu FerringhiFor Sale2.784 acresRM 62,000,000lump sum
9Paya TerubongFor Sale9.205 acresRM 30,000,000lump sum
10Jalan Batu GantungFor Sale1.023 acresRM 13,368,300RM 300
11Peel AvenueFor Sale0.594 acreRM 15,000,540RM 580
12Dunn RoadFor Sale0.622 acreRM 17,613,700RM 650
13Jalan Free SchoolFor Sale0.604 acresRM 12,000,000lump sum
14Jalan Sultan Ahmad ShahFor Sale2.019 acresRM 105,524,400RM 1200
15Tanjung TokongFor Sale0.726 acresRM 7,200,000lump sum
16RelauFor Sale1.516 acresRM 13,207,392RM 200
17Bukit JambulFor Sale1.21 acresRM 6,588,500RM 125
18JelutongFor Sale1.705 acresRM 18,567,500RM 250
19Jalan C.Y. ChoyFor Sale2.023 acresRM 37,025,520RM 420
20Tanjung BungahFor Sale0.398 acresRM 24,271,800RM 1400
21Tanjung BungahFor Sale2.624 acresRM 97,173,700RM 850
22Batu FerringhiFor Sale9.004 acresRM 64,712,010RM 165
23Batu FerringhiFor Sale5.36 acresRM 35,024,700RM 150
24Bukit DumbarFor Sale1.152 acresRM 22,000,000lump sum
25Tanjung BungahFor Sale0.485 acresRM 16,900,800RM 800
26Tanjung TokongFor Sale0.425 acresRM 11,000,000Lump sum
27Bukit GambirFor Sale7.025 acresRM 107,101,400RM 350
28Bukit DumbarFor Sale0.625 acresRM 11,000,000Lump sum
29Jalan BurmaFor Sale0.513 acresRM 24,603,700RM 1100
30Mount ErskineFor Sale5.819 acresRM 12,673,800RM 50
31Batu FerringhiFor Sale5.831 acresRM 25,000,000Lump sum
32Mount ErskineFor Sale4.631 acresRM 24,205,800RM 120
33Tanjung BungahFor Sale14.288 acresRM 74,688,120RM 120
34Tanjung TokongFor Sale0.9113 acresRM 45,000,000Lump sum
35Paya TerubongFor Sale4.247 acresRM 46,248,250RM 250
36FarlimFor Sale12.281 acresRM 16,048,800RM 30
37JelutongFor Sale5.9 acresRM 128,407,000RM 500
38RelauFor Sale1.818 acresRM 15,839,400RM 200
39Bukit JambulFor Sale1.903 acresRM 62,161,500RM 750
40Batu FerringhiFor Sale2.169 acresRM 7,558,560RM 80
41Batu UbanSwapping14 acres--

Penang - Barat Daya District

L. Area
Price (RM)
Price (p.s.f)
1Sungai Nibong For Sale1.222 acresRM 17,029,440RM 320
2Permatang Damar Laut For Sale2.959 acresRM 10,955,990 RM 85
3Gertak SanggulFor Sale11.836 acresRM 72,182,740RM 140
4Gertak Sanggul For Sale6.387 acresRM 12,519,810RM 45
5Gertak SanggulFor Sale5.218 acresRM 11,365,800RM 50
6Teluk KumbarFor Sale9.406 acresRM 28,680,750RM 70
7Teluk Kumbar For Sale4.237 acresRM 9,597,276RM 52
8Teluk Bahang For Sale8.960 acresRM 46,834,560RM 120
9Jalan Tun Sardon For Sale1.000 acresRM 2,900,000lump sum
10Air Puteh For Sale2.510 acresRM 5,467,000RM 50
11Jalan Balik PulauFeatured Listing! 1.584 acresRM 6,200,000lump sum
12Air Puteh For Sale5.850 acresRM 12,741,300RM 50
13Pulau Betong For Sale7.520 acresRM 13,102,840RM 40
14Pondok Upeh For Sale15.349 acresRM 33,431,000RM 50
15Gertak Sanggul For Sale197.628 acresRM 215,271,350RM 25
16Kuala Sungai Pinang For Sale16.905 acresRM 36,819,100RM 50
17Sungai Pinang For Sale4.135 acresRM 9,005,550RM 50
18Sungai AraFor Sale7.7598 acresRM 40,562,280RM 120
19Gertak SanggulJoint Venture12.549 acres--
20Teluk KumbarJoint Venture5.918 acres--
21Teluk KumbarFor Sale60.1845 acresRM 117,973,710RM 45
22Teluk TempoyakFor Sale10.151 acresRM 26,530,860RM 60
23Pulau Betong For Sale295.661 acresRM 296,217,000RM 23
24Jalan Baru For Sale6.374 acresRM 8,650,738RM 38
25Jalan Baru For Sale8.308 acresRM 17,370,336RM 48
26Kuala Jalan Baru Sold!8.053 acresRM 15,785,505RM 45
27Teluk Kumbar For Sale1.128 acresRM 3,194,165RM 65
28Gertak Sanggul For Sale2.412 acresRM 5,779,840RM 55
29Sungai Batu For Sale30.025 acresRM 91,553,280RM 70
30Batu Maung For Sale0.86 acresRM 4,682,750RM 125
31Teluk Bahang For Sale3.807 acresRM 9,949,020RM 60
32Paya Kongsi For Sale5.687 acresRM 14,864,820RM 60
33Kampung Terang For Sale7.714 acresRM 16,129,680RM 48
34Jalan BaruFor Sale4.444 acresRM 8,711,145RM 45
35Permatang Damar Laut For Sale0.341 acreRM 1,856,750RM 125
36Titi Teras Featured Listing! 6.383 acresRM 23,633,655RM 85
37Relau For Sale2.187 acresRM 20,958,520RM 220
38Batu Maung For Sale4.169 acresRM 30,869,790RM 170
39Teluk Kumbar For Sale0.909 acreRM 4,354,020RM 110
40Teluk Kumbar For Sale0.88 acreRM 1,800,000lump sum
41Teluk Kumbar For Sale1.124 acresRM 17,136,350RM 350
42Pulau Betong For Sale34.106 acresRM 44,569,710RM 30
43Teluk Bahang For Sale2.003 acresRM 21,807,250RM 250
44Sungai Ara For Sale3.994 acresRM 6,958,680RM 40
45Batu Maung For Sale2.148 acresRM 14,970,720RM 160
46Teluk Tempoyak For Sale6.31 acresRM 32,990,400RM 120
47Jalan Balik Pulau For Sale1.231 acresRM 3,485,430RM 65
48Jalan Baru For Sale6.6 acresRM 11,499,840RM 40
49Paya KongsiFor Sale0.9997 acresRM 2,612,760 RM 60
50Kampung TerangFor Sale12.929 acresRM 30,976,165RM 55
51Kampung TerangFor Sale3.223 acresRM 7,019,150RM 50
52Pondok UpehFor Sale3.494 acresRM 9,892,935RM 65
53Teluk KumbarFor Sale10.3502 acresRM 27,953,134RM 62
54Teluk KumbarFor Sale8.657 acresRM 18,854,950RM 50
55Teluk KumbarFor Sale2.806 acresRM 13,445,190RM 110
56Kampung MasjidFor Sale3.644 acresRM 9,523,980RM 60
57Kampung TerangFor Sale13.729 acresRM 32,891,430RM 55
58Teluk KumbarFor Sale4.85 acresRM 16,901,280RM 80
59Permatang Damar LautFor Sale1.744 acresRM 15,193,800RM 200
60RelauFor Sale2.757 acresRM 30,023,750RM 250

Penang - Seberang Perai Utara District

L. Area
Price (p.s.f.)
1Jalan Bagan Luar For Sale1.062 acresRM 6,478,220RM 140
2Jalan Sungai Nyior For Sale5.099 acresRM 19,988,190RM 90
3Tasek Gelugor For Sale45.486 acresRM 35,664,660RM 18
4Sungai Dua For Sale3.074 acresRM 6,427,872RM 48
5Teluk Air Tawar For Sale1.161 acresRM 3,541,230RM 70
6Teluk Air Tawar For Sale8.583 acresRM 16,824,780RM 45
7Teluk Air Tawar For Sale3.944 acresRM 20,000,000Lump Sum
8Teluk Air Tawar For Sale0.939 acreRM 2,500,000Lump Sum
9Tasek Gelugor For Sale416.0897 acresRM 144,998,952RM 8
10Bagan Lalang For Sale4.655 acresRM 9,733,296RM 48
11Jalan Bagan Luar For Sale0.542 acreRM 2,835,240RM 120

Penang - Seberang Perai Tengah District

L. Area
Price (p.s.f.)
1Jalan Baru For Sale6.679 acresRM 18,910,060RM 65
2Seberang Jaya For Sale6.032 acresRM 17,077,840RM 65
3Kampung Baru For Sale10.795 acresRM 44,671,850RM 95
4Jalan Kulim For Sale0.875 acreRM 3,239,775RM 85
5Bukit Minyak For Sale19.719 acresRM 30,063,600RM 35
6Permatang Pauh For Sale17.252 acresRM 41,332,775RM 55
7Padang Lalang For Sale5.506 acresRM 15,589,665RM 65
8Kuala JuruFor Sale4.442 acresRM 4,643,496RM 24
9AlmaFor Sale18.7408 acresRM 31,837,611RM 39
10Permatang PauhFor Sale1.249 acresRM 7,500,000Lump Sum
11Bukit TengahFor Sale8.588 acresRM 18,704,650RM 50
12Bukit MinyakFor Sale10.119 acresRM 17,631,360RM 40
13JuruFor Sale20.374 acresRM 42,598,752RM 48
14Bukit MinyakFor Sale1.50116 acresRM 6,000,000Lump Sum
15Cherok TokunFor Sale13.113 acresRM 21,705,904RM 38
16Sungai DuaFor Sale3.867 acresRM 6,738,200RM 40
17Jalan BaruFor Sale3.7 acresRM 19,341,120RM 120
18Macang BubokFor Sale31.486 acresRM 34,288,700RM 25
19Kota PermaiFor Sale4.92 acresRM 7,501,025RM 35
20Seberang JayaFor Sale1.191 acresRM 4,150,400RM 80
21Jalan BaruFor Sale8.587 acresRM 40,808,040RM 120
22Bukit MinyakFor Sale6.675 acresRM 10,467,468RM 36

Penang - Seberang Perai Selatan District

L. Area
Price (p.s.f.)
1Bukit TambunFor Sale16.1458 acresRM 42,198,720RM 60
2Batu Kawan Featured Listing! 98.111 acresRM 162,401,512RM 38
3Batu KawanFeatured Listing! 72.637 acresRM 79,101,550RM 25
4Batu Kawan For Sale47.898 acresRM 62,593,200RM 30
5Nibong Tebal For Sale20.581 acresRM 26,895,240RM 30
6Nibong TebalFor Sale35.3138 acresRM 69,222,105RM 45
7Nibong Tebal For Sale22.863 acresRM 29,878,410RM 30
8Changkat For Sale63.400 acresRM 69,042,300RM 25
9Bukit Panchor For Sale28.538 acresRM 27,348,684RM 22
10Valdor For Sale260.75 acresRM 397,539,450RM 35
11Lima Kongsi For Sale2.993 aresRM 3,781,513RM 29
12Bukit Tambun For Sale4.423 acresRM 8,670,330RM 45
13Tasek For Sale37.239 acresRM 38,930,856RM 24
14Valdor For Sale12.736 acresRM 24,964,695RM 45
15Lima Kongsi For Sale14.692 acresRM 15,999,600RM 25
16Valdor For Sale17.315 acresRM 26,397,945RM 35
17Changkat For Sale11.6016 acresRM 20,214,600RM 40
18Nibong Tebal For Sale33.888 acresRM 66,427,200RM 45
19Bukit TambunFor Sale5.496 acresRM 16,759,330RM 70
20Bukit TambunJoint Venture28.738 acres--
21Batu KawanFor Sale81.625 acresRM 142,223,400RM 40
22Bukit TambunFor Sale0.826 acresRM 12,000,000Lump Sum

Other States & Federal Territories

Land Area
Price (p.s.f.)
1Kuala LumpurJalan SemarakFor Sale6.389 acresRM 161,408,200RM 580
2Johor KulaijayaFor Sale318.236 acresRM 207,935,595RM 15
3KedahLembah BujangFor Sale211.5 acresRM 41,458,230RM 4.5

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