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Our Duty – Duties Performed By Our Land Planning Specialists Team

To begin with, there are numerous costs included in acquiring land. Before we even begin leasing or selling out land to investor or individuals for development, building houses, bungalow or even investment, there are several business costs that are included when attaining the property. Our proficient team does it best possible to separate wheat from chaff, select, negotiate as well as pay for any hidden costs encompassed during acquisition, hence the buyer has zero qualms except deciding whether the land is suitable for investment or not.


Below are expenses we incur or absorb in addition to proceedings our team go through before land acquisition:

•           There is the actual land cost; this is the value of the land in terms of money. Land is bought according to size, among other numerous factors.

•           Time spent when searching for land. Time is also a factor, which is the time cost; the land are minimum kilometers far from our offices and our team of planners will have to travel to examine the land.

•           Fees incurred during consultations; to certify the land is valid and scam-free; we have to consult the responsible authorities and make sure details are well documented with them to avoid future inconveniences. Moreover, we keenly ensure the proprietor or property owner is the exact owner via the authorities.

•           Payments offered to middlepersons; in some cases, it is tough to communicate to the precise landowner. This is where by brokers are entailed. In this case, the middlepersons usually include the share on the land price, hence that is an extra cost.

•           Searching for the landowners, negotiating, and convincing are not that easy. Some landowners are at times busy persons. We try as much as possible to reach them to negotiate in details.

•           Costs bore when relocating tenants or owners. If we are buying land that is already developed and there are people depending on it, we have to find another suitable land and move the persons there. This is another cost incurred.

•           Compensating existing land users, for instance the farmers.

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