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Land Rezoning Malaysia

These are tough economic times, when a good return on investment is difficult to come by. That is why many are turning towards real estate to get secured returns in the future. Like any other investment, even in case of real estate investment, there are many precautions so as one does not have to feel sorry at a later date.

In these times of globalization, the real estate investment is not limited to your home country; rather countries allow such investments by foreigners. For this reason, many countries are becoming a hotspot for real estate investments. One such favored destination in Asia is Malaysia. The investors looking for golden returns find many positive of choosing Malaysia as the favorite’s real estate destination.

Before investing in land, in Malaysia, one has to be careful about many things. One such important thing is the zoning laws in Malaysia. As per prevalent zoning rules, the Malaysian land is divided into mainly 3 categories…

  • Commercial Land
  • Industrial land
  • Residential land

The commercial land is designated for business purposes, and the residential land is intended for development of dwellings in any form; be it bungalows, condominium or the row houses. The industrial zones are intended to establish manufacturing facilities.

The zoning laws vary from place to place and before buying land in Malaysia, one must find out the zoning restriction, so as not to buy land for a purpose that is not allowed. One other important thing is that the zoning laws for the area are not fixed and may change with time. This means that the land designated for commercial use today can be rezoned for residential purpose in times to come.

If you want to rent land for a particular purpose, make sure that there are no zoning restrictions in the area against the intended purpose. If you are a land owner, you will be responsible for ensuring that the tenants do not use the land in a way that is not provided by the zoning restrictions. While renting land, always detail the zoning restrictions in the lease deed, to avoid complications later.

The rezoning can not only change the intended land use, but it can change the value of the property. You can make good gain if you invest considering the potential rezoning of land that you are buying. Normally if a land is rezoned from residential to commercial, the value is expected to appreciate. So invest in areas where such rezoning is expected in the near future.

In short, if you are planning to invest in land in Malaysia, then never forget to get complete information about the zoning restrictions and rezoning possibilities related to the location. An intelligent choice of land today can give of handsome results, something that may not be possible in any other investment avenues.

All the lands listed are with different zoning, however, they are all carefully selected development land and ready for development. If needed, JP Land is ready to consult more on land rezoning


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