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Investing In Land Malaysia

Malaysia is considered as one of the most desired place for the investors for investing in land. It’s low living cost, beautiful nature, less disaster and government incentives are the main attraction for the investors. If the foreign investors invest on the property, it will be proved more valuable for the investors.

Why should you invest in Malaysia?

Unlike other developed country, the living cost of this country is very low; foreigners can enjoy a sound and developed lifestyle. The regional property value is comparatively low. The real property gain tax is waived by the Malaysian government and the profit can be sent back to the particular country without deducting any tax. Another main reason for investing in land in Malaysia is the value of Ringgit is strengthening because the government has alleviated the control over currency. The growth rate of GDP is increasing per year around six percent. Because of its political and economic stability, established constitutional laws on title deed and ownership, investors feel interested to invest in buying land.

If any foreigner wants to invest in land in Malaysia, it is very easy for them to get loan. The ratio of loan-to-value is much lower for them in comparison with the native Malaysians. Some banks offer 60% loan-to value to the foreign investor whereas they offer 95% to the native investors.

Why is investment in land profitable?

Land is such an investment instrument where the use of money isn’t easier. Its ability of down payment, control over the capital can increase the return on your investment incredibly. So it will be a wise decision to invest in land. The cash flow gained from the investment will be tax free. It is another advantage of investing in land in Malaysia. When a piece of land is purchased before any planning and is considered as a medium/long of financial commitment and when the plan is accepted, that same land could be value up to many periods of what was paid!

Investing in land is more profitable than other types of investment (like stock, other bank investments) because when people invest in land, they invest in tangible asset. They can feel it and observe it whenever they want. The possibility to be defrauded is less in investing in land compared to investing in stocks and other sectors. To invest in land you can physically inspect the location and other documentation but you have to only depend and trust the auditors and management body for investing in stock which is nothing but putting your luck on others hand. For real estate sector, the debt or leverage is structures more safely than stock and other investments. The investors of land can enjoy super inflation hedge to protect against the loss of investment which isn’t available for the stock investors. So why should people look for the other sectors?

Investment on land for native investors and developers:

The Malaysian government has not banned investing on land. It does notify everyone, making a financial commitment in this industry. Investing on land is simply too profitable. Native investors have lead in taking large areas near main cities. We will surely see a better structure growing in this industry soon. Investment on land can be extremely profitable. It is a higher value financial commitment. Companies are providing a variety of techniques to attract small traders. You could categorize banking of land as high reward investment criteria.

Things to do before investing:

The first thing you have to do is to collect all the documents related to that land. Collect the issued document of title, survey report of that location. Collect information about the valuation of the neighbor block of land so that you can assess the proper value of your desired land. Gather knowledge about the places where the investment opportunity is high. Conduct a comparative analysis to choose the best land to invest.

The highly recommended place for investing in land is Penang which is a state of north Peninsula. The investors anticipate high capital gain in this location. Another recommended place is Johor as it is the nearest place to Singapore and the government of Malaysia is planning to make a rich economic zone down this place. So the prospectus of Zohor is very high and profitable as well.

Investors have to put down minimum 2% earnest money which is considered as the forfeit so that you cannot back out from the deal. You have to submit a copy of passport, a copy of previous purchase and sales agreement, copy of title deed if you are a foreign investor. When you will go for signing the deal, you have to pay another 10 percent additional charge. Foreign investors have to get the state sanction to buy any land that can take more than 6 months.

Malaysia is a very prosperous country for investing in real-estate. From this economic perspective of Malaysia, real estate business is considered most profitable sector. So it will be a decision to invest in this sector. Invest wisely because you are investing your effort and earning.

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