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Development Land Malaysia

Preview: Development Land Malaysia, just like in most parts of the world, remains a very scarce product, especially given the rapidly growing human population and encroachment to urban centers. The development of a piece of land in Malaysia calls for state government approval, with regard to various aspects of fauna (on or below the surface) and flora, with regard to its suitability and sustainability.

What is Land Development? The state of Malaysia recognizes the subdivision of a large track of land or amalgamation of pieces of lands as development. Other related activities on such divisions or amalgamations may include all activities that may take place on the surface or below the surface of the land. This would include, but not limited to constructions, digging out minerals, agriculture and other industrial activities.

Governing Land Usage: Development Land Malaysia attracts the engagement of land policy, especially when it comes to urban land in planning, allocation and usage. The various land usages in Malaysia are governed in the context of the periods before colonialism, during the colonial era, and the post-independence period:

  • Before Colonialism: this period was characterized by lots of agricultural activities. The entire land belonged to the ruler of the day. Anyone using a given piece of land was required to pay a percentage of the value of the planted crops to the ruler, usually a tenth.
  • During the Colonial era: the British colonized Malaysia, subsequently dividing the land into various states for administrative purposes, and consequently formulating various laws to govern land operations in each of the states.
  • Post-Independence Period: in the early to mid-60s, Malaysia came up with the National Land Code, which was effected to foresee all functions of land in the country, across the eleven states, save for the numerous amendments over the years to cater of socio-economic and political developments in the land.

Although the state has several acts of legislation that continue to govern land usage, Development Land Malaysia remains underdeveloped in Malay Reserved land due to its disadvantaged location, and the ownership of a single lot by multiple persons. Because of its rural setting, lack of modern facilities like piped water supply and electricity hinder its development, forcing various service providers to shun away. The traditional use of this land for agricultural purposes has since been overtaken by non-agricultural activities like Beach Resorts, following private entitlement of such lands though not for individual use.

Note: the main hindrance to development of Malay Reserve Land remains (multiple ownership due to inheritance laws), and fragmentation practices of Development Land Malaysia. If you want to learn more, here is an article about Development Land For Sale in Malaysia.

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