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Agriculture land Malaysia

Agriculture is a key factor in most economies, as such; Malaysia is taking great strides to ensure its agricultural sector is strengthened for economic purposes.


Agricultural land in Malaysia refers to the land that is used either for grazing or for farming. According to the World Bank estimates of 2010, Malaysia had around 24% of its land classified as agricultural land. Activities on such agricultural land include; permanent crops such as cocoa, coffee and rubber, pastures, arable land that has temporary crops, and land for market and kitchen gardens. The National Land code provides for non-citizens and foreigners to acquire agricultural land in Malaysia through a prior approval from the state authority. This is not necessary when it comes to industrial land. Different states within Malaysia have different rules and regulations that bind on land usage. For instance Peninsular Malaysia allows for alienated land to be freely transferred unless it is restricted in the Issue Document of Title.


Different states may also have different guidelines that regulate the use of agricultural land within Malaysia. For instance, the economic planning unit in the Prime Minister’s office (EPU) does not need to grand permission for acquisition of agricultural land geared towards such projects as; the use of high or modern technology in commercial scale agricultural activities, agro-tourism, and industrialized agriculture geared towards exports. Persons owning agricultural land are expected to commence land use within the year of cultivation. Such land is expected to be continuously under cultivation of serving agricultural purpose. Other states like Selangor, individuals especially foreigners can acquire agricultural land especially if there projects have 49% local interest. In contrast, Johor, a state in the south will only allow foreigners to lease land with restrictions on the acreage as well as value of land. There are minimal restrictions when it comes to the natives, unless the land is a leased land form the state.


Those seeking to invest in agriculture in Malaysia should be keen on the requirements imposed by each state in Malaysia before investing. Such issues as the use of Technology needed to promote agricultural activity should be clarified from the office of the Prime Minister as it is the vetting authority for everyone seeking to invest.


In conclusion, the government of Malaysia has policies and regulations that geared towards boosting the agricultural sector in the Malaysia. Investors, both local and international, are welcome to seek agricultural land for investment.


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